#69 Block theme adoption and moving to Wix?!

#68 Cronundrums, Ollie theme push back, and “getting professional”

Keith and Mark discuss recent cron job troubles, the Ollie theme being blocked by the theme review team and WordPress products needing to be more professional. Watch the video

#66 Plugin repo drama

WP.com clones the WP.org plugin repo, developers aren’t impressed, and Matt does what Matt does best… Watch the video

#65 WordPress security reviews, WordCamp Whitley Bay, and when to kill a product

#64 Enqueuing block editor assets in 6.3, FreshDesk and ZipWP#64

The block editor is changing. From 6.3 it will (usually) be contained in an iframe and this has implications for how to load assets. Mark and Keith discuss the use of ‘enqueue_block_editor_assets’ and how to ensure the new system doesn’t break out sites. They also discuss trying out FreshDesk support software and the new ZipWP […]

#63 Reaction to the reaction video

Mark and Keith react to Matt Medeiros’ reaction video! We also discuss adding FreshDesk to our wsupport workflow and sending marketing emails to promote RecPress. Watch the video

#62 Should we spend money to market our product?

It’s an ongoing dilemma for us: How do we market our products and services? Like many developer-led businesses, we really struggle with marketing. We can conceive of, and build, great products but how do we get them in front of an eager audience? In this episode, Mark and Keith have an open discussion about marketing […]

#61 Financial forecasting, customer support, and more client interviews

This week, Mark and Keith talk about building a financial forecasting model for their products, handling customer support, and doing more client interviews. Watch the video

#60 Getting tired of the new project dance

Note: There are a few connections issues towards the end of this episode, but we get through it! In this episode, Keith and Mark talk about why they are getting tired of the “new project dance.” They also discuss options for migrating content as part of your projects. Watch the video

#59 Interactivity API and Behaviour UI coming to WordPress?

Keith and Mark discuss some of the upcoming features in WordPress, as well as a couple we feel are still missing. Watch the video