Episode #18

Keith and Mark had a chat about what has been happening with them and with WordPress over the last week or so.

#17 2021 in review

Episode 17 reviews what we have been up to in 2021.

#16 WordPress development workflow automations

In this episode we are joined by Michael Bragg to chat about automating workflows and deployments when developing on WordPress. Video

#15 Full site editing in WordPress 5.8

With full site editing coming in WordPress 5.8, due for release later in July this year, we chatted to Fränk Klein all about what it is and what it offer to users and developers. Video Related links WP Development course – Building block based themes Show sponsor This episode is sponsored by JobRelay, the easiest […]

#14 Ask us anything WordPress

In this episode Keith and I host a discussion and question and answer session about the main topics surrounding the WordPress project at the moment. Watch the video Show sponsor This episode is sponsored by the excellent SpinupWP. SpinupWP is a Modern Cloud-Based Server Control Panel and the best way to have your own extremely […]

#13 The future of WordPress

What does the future hold for the WordPress open source project? In this episode we spoke to Matt Mullenweg and Josepha Haden Chomposy about the future of WordPress. Watch the video Show guests Matt Mullenweg Matt is the co-founder of WordPress and the founder and CEO of Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, Tumblr, WordPress […]

#12 Making money from WordPress plugins

There are many plugin developers in the WordPress community and some of them are making money from their plugins. In the show we chat with Iain Poulson and James Kemp about making money by selling WordPress plugins. Watch the video Show guests Iain Poulson Iain is a developer, podcaster, and business owner. By day he’s […]

#11 Building Twenty Twenty-One

WordPress recently shipped with a new theme, the Twenty Twenty-One theme. In this episode we ask the people that built it all about the ideas and decisions about how it was built.

#10 Building sustainable websites with WordPress

In this episode, we were joined by Tom Greenwood, Hannah Smith and Jack Lennox to discuss the environmental impact of our work and what we can do to make our WordPress websites more sustainable.

#9 WordPress security

Deserved or not, WordPress has a reputation problem when it comes to security. In this episode, Keith and Mark are joined by WordPress security experts Tim Nash and Chris Wiegman.