#32 Full site editing, writing case studies, and WordPress ‘generations’

#31 First sales, maintenance woes, and ACF v6

#30 AI content generation and the pain of products

#29 Explaining value, Block boilerplates, and measuring success

#28 Explaining value, Block boilerplates, and measuring success


#27 Clients ruining designs, Blocks vs meta, Reselling client work

#26 FSE for agencies with Fränk Klein

Mark is away, so this week Keith is joined by Fränk Klein, Principal Engineer at Human Made, to discuss Full Site Editing for agencies.

#25 Product launch and hamburger menus

In this episode Keith and Mark discuss the launch of their new product as well as whether or not hamburger menus should be used on desktop screen sizes. Video

#24 The death of themes

In this episode Mark and Keith chat about the death of WordPress themes. Video

#23 Moving fast, a new product and support requests

In this episode, Keith and Mark chat about moving things fast, launching a new WordPress product and dealing with support requests. All that and some questions from the live audience here on Youtube. Video