#48 WordPress 6.2

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#47 WordPress Professionals Survey

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#46 WordPress Project Management

#45 WordCamps, meetups and Q&A

#44 Our WordPress development process

This week we take on a listener question: I know the block editor is the unavoidable beast at the moment, but it would actually really good to go through your process as an agency. Do you guys have themes you use and tailor to clients, or do you start from scratch every time. 

#43 How much design control should we give to clients?

#42 The challenges of modern WordPress development

This week’s episode is a lighthearted rant about the difficulties of modern WordPress development. Join us as we wallow in despair (and just a hint of optimism!).

#41 How to create a reusable query block pattern in FSE

#40 Are you a “real” WordPress developer?

#39 Does WordPress “owe” the developer community