#79 From projects to products: The good, the bad, and the ugly

In this episode, Keith and Mark talk about their journey from client project work into a more product focused business. It hasn’t been all plain sailing! Watch the video

#78 Navigating the fine line of free customer support

In this episode Mark and Keith discuss how to deal with customer support for WordPress products. What is expected, what is reasonable, what is “above and beyond” and when are customers asking too much? Watch the video

#77 Fighting the hidden complexities in WordPress projects

In this episode Keith and Mark discuss dealing with the hidden complexities of WordPress projects. Watch the video

#76 This week in WordPress and our updates

In this week’s show Keith and Mark discuss: Watch the video

#75 Working with APIs

In episode 75 Keith and Mark chat about working with APIs when adding a new job posting provider to their JobRelay product. They also cover the general WordPress news of the week. Watch the video

#74 WordPress in 2024

#73 State of the Word, extending blocks, and more

Keith and Mark discuss their highlights of the recent State of the Word address from Madrid. Mark talks about extending core blocks, and we ask why block editor/FSE adoption is still so low. Watch the video Show notes

#72 Mark builds a site with FSE!

We’ve been pretty critical of FSE and modern WordPress development. Mark decides to give building a website using FSE another try – and he’s surprised by the results! Links from the show: Watch the video

#71 WordPress 6.4, and geo-location

The one where Mark and Keith discuss the release of WordPress 6.4 and their recent challenges with the Google geo location API. Watch the video

#70 AI assisted coding and price push-back