#92 Building WordPress websites for clients, with FSE

In todays episode, Keith and Mark are chatting about how to build WordPress websites for clients using Full Site Editing (FSE). With a new project in the pipeline they have a lot of learning to do! Follow us: X / https://twitter.com/highrisedigital | https://twitter.com/wpcafeshow Linkedin / https://www.linkedin.com/company/highrisedigital/ Website: https://highrise.digital/ | https://wpcafe.show Watch the video

#91 Modern WordPress development workflows and WP 6.6

With a new web project build in the pipeline, Keith and Mark chat about how to go about building a modern WordPress site and the workflows that can be used, particularly looking at how these are different from a “classic” WP build. Additional topics also include: Watch the video Follow us: X / https://twitter.com/highrisedigital | […]

#90 Low vs high-budget WordPress projects

In this episode, Mark and Keith discuss the pros and cons of working with high and low budgets. Watch the video

#89 Patterns vs post types

In this episode, Mark and Keith discuss the big questions around design and data separation. Watch the video

#88 Selling modern WordPress to clients

In this week we talk about showing the block editor to potential clients and how it can be a little…underwhelming! Watch the video

#87 WordPress “components”?

Mark and Keith discuss the new concept of WordPress components, hopefully coming in WP 6.6 Watch the video

#86 Design-led development vs development-led design

Mark and Keith discuss if WordPress projects should be fully design-led, or should the platform dictate the design. Watch the video

#85 Precarious products and hosting issues

Keith and Mark chat about the problems of having products that are built on another product and what happens when that changes. They will also cover some issues with hosting recently and look into what is “Managed Hosting”? Watch the video

#84 Drop shadows coming in WP 6.5 #fakedeveloper

Some upcoming stuff in WP 6.5, Mark’s first pull request and things we’ve been reading/watching this week. Watch the video

#83 Background processing in WordPress and strange block editor behaviour

In this weeks episode Keith and Mark discuss a range of topics including: – Background processing in WordPress – Patterns vs Template parts vs Templates – Aligning blocks outside of groups – What is the stack block? Things we have been reading / watching this week.