#25 Product launch and hamburger menus

In this episode Keith and Mark discuss the launch of their new product as well as whether or not hamburger menus should be used on desktop screen sizes. Video

#23 Moving fast, a new product and support requests

In this episode, Keith and Mark chat about moving things fast, launching a new WordPress product and dealing with support requests. All that and some questions from the live audience here on Youtube. Video

#17 2021 in review

Episode 17 reviews what we have been up to in 2021.

#6 Marketing WordPress products and services

In episode 6 we were joined by Alex Denning of Ellipsis Marketing and Katie Keith of Barn2 Plugins to discuss strategies and tactics for marketing your WordPress products and services.

#5 Pricing WordPress products and services

In episode 5 of the WP Café show we chatted to Tom Hirst and Jack McConnell all about pricing WordPress products and services.