#58 Trying full site editing (again)

Mark has been trying to use full site editing again… Watch the video

#57 Client empathy and adding settings to existing blocks

We talk about an experience this week where we really felt a client’s pain, even though we were also feeling frustrated. Watch the video

#56 WordPress is 20, native blocks, ACF changes, and AI

Happy birthday, WordPress! Wow, 20 years. That’s a long time in software years. Watch the video

#55 Create block theme plugin, and support

We discuss the “Create Block Theme” plugin, improving our support process, and an update on our product journey. Watch the video

#54 Full site editing starter themes

Watch the video

#53 The software I use to develop WP sites and products

In this episode, Mark chats about all the different pieces of software that he uses to build WordPress websites and products.

#52 Is it getting harder to find WordPress work?

Are you finding it harder to find work? Are enquiries hard to come by and the sales pipeline drying up? Keith and Mark discuss if this is a WordPress or global trend, what might be causing it and what we can do about it. Watch the video

#51 !important, Our new WordPress product, and GitHub Co-pilot

Keith and mark discuss their new WordPress product: RecPress, using !important in CSS, and GitHub Co-pilot Watch the video

#50 Making a living with WordPress: Our story so far

Apologies for the audio issues on this one. We thought about not publishing, but we wanted to keep the order of shows intact. Watch the video

#49 Who is WordPress for now?

WordPress is changing and we pose the question, who is it for now? Watch the video