#11 Building Twenty Twenty-One

WordPress recently shipped with a new theme, the Twenty Twenty-One theme. In this episode we ask the people that built it all about the ideas and decisions about how it was built.

#8 Building Gutenberg-ready WordPress themes

Mark and Keith are joined by expert WordPress developer Bill Erickson to discuss how to work with Gutenberg when building custom, modern WordPress themes.

#5 Pricing WordPress products and services

In episode 5 of the WP Café show we chatted to Tom Hirst and Jack McConnell all about pricing WordPress products and services.

#1 Developing themes with Gutenberg (IRL)

In the very first episode of WP Café we chatted to Diane Wallace, Ben Gillbanks and Michael Bragg all about their experiences, tips and tricks of development websites and themes with the WordPress block editor called Gutenberg.